Pedestal & slab supports


Innovative pedestal and slab supports for building the perfect patio. The ceramic slabs are attached by the pedestal and slab supports, but not grouted. This allows surface water to drain into the cavity under the floor covering and be diverted down a small slope. Frequent problems that arise with conventional installation, such as cracks, leakage and sags in the floor covering due to environmental conditions, are avoided with this loose laying technique.

  • Pedestal and slab supports usable for tiles and paving at least 20 mm thick
  • Made out of high-quality, reinforced PP (polypropylene), 100% recyclable
  • Weather-proof, frost-proof, UV-protected, impact-resistant
  • Even with a heavy load, the screw mechanism is easy to operate using the adjustable feet
  • Durable, high impact and breakage resistance, no matteer the load or weather conditions
  • Continuously variable and simple levelling