For elevated flooring

Those who wish to lay thicker slabs using the medium or thin-bed method should opt for the PROFORM TE balcony and patio profile. This features an upturn that engages the coverings at a height up to 24 mm. At the same time, the profile made from powder-coated aluminum protects the structure beneath. Proline offers the profile in various versions: in plain aluminum and white aluminum finish and in the colours light beige, light gray, and autumn.


  • to finish the visible open edges of flooring structures on balconies and patios laid using the medium or thin-bed method
  • for secure and target-orientated drainage of surface water
  • to protect the edge of higher tile covering edges
  • to protect open, visible edges of screed against weather and decomposition
  • as an aesthetic and optically appealing edge finish
  • to cover profile butt joints with corresponding connectors and external corners