Made from aluminum or stainless steel

PROFORM W balcony profile
External corner for PROFORM W
Connector for PROFORM W
PROFORM W balcony profile Stainless steel
External corner and connector for PROFORM W Stainless steel

PROFORM W is the universal balcony and patio profile in conjunction with the thin-bed method. The vertical trim panel conceals the flooring structure beneath, thereby protecting it against moisture and guarding it against weather-related damage.

Made from aluminum, the profile is available in plain aluminum, powder-coated finishes and in the colours light beige, light gray, autumn and white aluminum. Furthermore, Proline PROFORM W has a particularly sturdy stainless steel version.

This means that the optical finish can be adapted to any balcony and any patio.

PROFORM W can be used

  • to finish the visible open edges of flooring structures on balconies and patios laid using the thin-bed method
  • for secure and target-orientated drainage of surface water
  • to protect open, visible edges of screed against weather and decomposition
  • as an aesthetic and optically appealing edge finish
  • to cover profile butt joints with corresponding connectors and external corners