Drainage mats

Mats and gutters channel away water


With PROCODRAIN, we offer you perfect drainage for balconies and patios. With their overlapping edges on one side, the versions E, GK or S are suitable for the task depending on the structure and covering. PROCODRAIN guarantees effective dewatering, reliable protection against contamination and perfect finishes. Protected in this way, floor coverings in outside areas stay looking great even through tough winters.

For tile and slab flooring exposed to all kinds of weather on screed floor

PROCODRAIN E impresses by particularly high resistance to load and wear.

For loosely laid coverings exposed to all kinds of weather with and without ballast

PROCODRAIN S reduces weed and wild growth effectively and with lasting effect.

For drainage-compatible coarse grain mortar and screed

PROCODRAIN GK is exceptionally well suited for channelling away particularly large quantities of water.