Keeps coverings on screed mortar dry

If tiles or ceramic slabs are laid firmly on cement screed in outside areas, the PROCODRAIN E drainage mat is suitable for faultless dewatering – such as on garage driveways, balconies or flat roofs.

The mat stands on studs and comprises an HDPE stud membrane backed by a sturdy MED filter fleece. In this way, rain or melt water that seeps in vertically is channelled away horizontally. The tile and slab covering dries faster in this way and is protected against damage.

The drainage mat is distinguished by additional quality features:

  • extremely resistant to pressure and imperishable
  • chemically resistant to the acids commonly found in the earth
  • overlapping zones along longitudinal edges
  • 2 stud heights for different quantities of water
  • certified as a protective layer on seals in accordance with DIN 18195

Use the PROCODRAIN E drainage mat in outside areas

  • for effective dewatering of balcony and patio coverings made of ceramic tiles and slabs on cement screed
  • to create a second dewatering level beneath coverings designed for pedestrian traffic
  • for garage driveways and courtyards designed for vehicular traffic
  • as requisite drainage on surfaces with additional facade grid or linear dewatering
  • for simple and effective use on surfaces exposed to all kinds of weather