PROSTILT with facing

A. PROSTILT facing profile
B. PROSTILT clip bottom
C. PROSTILT clip upper
D. Intake bridge
E. PROSTILT external corner

Two clips have been developed to hold the PROSTILT facing profile (A). The lower clip (B) is positioned under the pedestal support and holds the riser in the lower area. The upper clip (C) is laid on the plate
of the pedestal support and is held by the joint bridges. It fixes the cut riser to the upper edge. The upper clip also has an intake bridge (D), on which the facing profile is hung. To fix the facing profile we recommend glueing it at points using OTTOCOLL M500 hybrid adhesive. The facing profile can be shortened in length if necessary.

PROSTILT adjustable foot
PROSTILT step impact protection pad
PROSTILT rubber granulate pad
PROSTILT upper clip
PROSTILT bottom clip
PROSTILT facing profile
PROSTILT external corner
PROSTILT connector
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