PROCHANNEL glass carrier profile & slope profile

Glass carrier profile and slope profile rounds off the PROCHANNEL modular system

To supplement the PROCHANNEL modular system, Proline therefore offers a glass carrier profile, which is incorporated in the shower area during laying. The U-shaped stainless steel profile (V2A) serves to mount glass panels with a thickness of 8 – 10 mm, which are fitted in the floor of the profile with glazing tape on-site. The sides of the glass carrier profile, which is available in lengths of 1 m and 2.1 m, are then sealed with silicon on completion.

The sides of the new profile are formed in such a way that the requisite slope profile can simply be inserted in the upper edge of the glass carrier profile. Depending on the size and conditions of the shower construction, the PROCHANNEL slope profiles are bonded to the outer wall of the profiles, which seal the inner area of the shower. To stay within the tested system, Proline recommends Ottocoll M 500 as an adhesive.