Primary drainage

PROCHANNELp-line design grille Classic

The linear drainage system captures surface water over its entire length and channels the water away. The water drains over the surface of the floor covering and into the drainage line housing. The enclosed drainage line housing ensures this variant provides absolute hygienic reliability. The one-sided slope is created easily and effectively. Installation is easy and requires taking the needs of heat insulation and walking/impact noise into account.

  • With upstand for tile flooring up to 12,5 mm thick
  • With fixed frame for natural stone flooring 15 mm or 20 mm thick
  • 7 different covers
  • Custom solutions available on request

Heart of the drainage line

PROCHANNELp-line drainage line housing for tiles
PROCHANNELp-line drainage line housing for natural stone including recess

The heart of the drainage line is the PROCHANNEL drainage line housing made of stainless steel. It is fitted with a sealing flange and supplied with a sealing sleeve. The drainage line housing is quick to install – it is simply integrated in the screed construction which acts as support base. The drainage line housing is available in lengths from 70 to 150 cm. Several drainage line housings can be fitted in series. Custom-made versions can also route a drainage line round corners and produce slopes of various gradients. As the drainage line housing is made of high-quality stainless steel, it keeps its attractive looks for a long time and is also extremely resistant.