Sealing systems against humidity

PROFOLIO sealing and decoupling membrane
PROFOLIO sealing tape
PROFOLIO sealing tape corner & compensation corner
PROFOLIO sealing sleeve
PROFOLIO tub sealing tape
PROFOLIO butt-joining tape

0.7 mm safety - The strength of a material is not necessarily dependent on its thickness. This also applies to PROFOLIO and PROBAND. This sealing foil which is only 0.7 mm thick is wafer thin but is still extra strong in performance. Backed with fleece on both sides and certified by a general building supervision test report, one thing is certain: you can always rely on PROFOLIO in conjunction with the PROBAND  system sealing tape. For many years to come.

Resistant and flexible - Waterproofness is one of the main properties of every sealing foil. At the same time, it must be flexible. This is the only way it can be optimally adapted to on-site conditions for processing. When we developed PROFOLIO and PROBAND, we matched these two properties perfectly to each other. For example, PROBAND system sealing tape corners are flexible, cross stretch and backed with fleece on both sides – all this helps to align the products to the nearest millimetre and provides excellent adhesion.