PROFOLIO sealing and decoupling membrane

Crack-covering sealing and decoupling foil

PROFOLIO sealing and decoupling foil

Produce a clean quick bonding seal in humid and wet rooms using the PROFOLIO sealing and decoupling foil approved by building supervision inspectorate. The flexible foil made of polyethylene is thermally backed on both sides with PP fleece and provides optimal bonding to mortar or adhesive. PROFOLIO covers cracks and provides effective protection against cracks forming later in screed and in floor constructions.

PROFOLIO is the perfect sealing and decoupling foil for a variety of applications:

  • Bonding seal in humid and wet rooms – e.g. in home or industrial showers and bathrooms, laundry rooms or swimming pool edges.
  • Bonding seal in chemically contaminated areas – e.g. in breweries, dairies or bottling plants – and outdoors on balconies and patios (wet duty classifications A, B0 and C).
  • Under ceramic tile and slab flooring made of natural stone, artificial stone or cast stone.
  • On screed floors, in-situ concrete surfaces, precast concrete parts, hollow floor or wooden constructions, old tiles or slab flooring.
  • On lime cement, and gypsum plasters, plasterboard, plaster fibre and drywall panels and tiling boards, EPS, XPS or PU foam sheets.
  • On electric heating conductors or hot water underfloor heating systems.
  • To protect load-bearing substrates from mixing water from screeding mortar.


The benefits of PROFOLIO at a glance:

  • The applied patterns and scaling (metre) let you cut the foil to size precisely and quickly.
  • Die The foil is easy to cut with a builder's knife or carpet shears.
  • PROFOLIO fits snugly to changing slopes on the substrate.
  • ideal foil thickness is achieved in the first work step – there is no need to perform a thickness check.
  • Compared to liquid bonding seals, the curing time during processing is much shorter.
  • The material is hard-wearing, tear-proof and resistant to many acids, alkalis, salts, organic solvents, alcohols and oils.
  • The foil is extendible, rot-proof, harmless to drinking water and resistant to bacterial and fungal attack.


Matching sealing tapes, sealing corners and sealing sleeves complete the PROFOLIO sealing and decoupling foil portfolio.