PROFOLIO tub sealing tape

Bonding seal in confined spaces

Add-on and insert parts, such as bath tubs, shower trays, machine plinths and window components, often have insufficient sealing surfaces or adhesion. Transitions, corners and edges can still be sealed effectively by using PROFOLIO tub sealing tape connecting sealing tape. Thanks to the self-adhesive butyl strip, the tri-laminate sealing tape adheres to difficult materials such as metals, plastic, enamel, painted surfaces and glass. The connecting sealing tape is supplemented by a sound insulation strip and butyl putty to mould corners.

The benefits of PROFOLIO tub sealing tape connecting sealing tape at a glance:

  • Bonding seal on add-on and insert parts.
  • Only a small sealing surface is necessary.
  • PROFOLIO tub sealing tape also adheres on difficult materials.
  • The connecting sealing tape adheres immediately – waiting times are a thing of the past.
  • The material is waterproof and have a high resistant adhesive strength.
  • A sound insulation strip attenuates noise.
  • Moulding butyl putty permits touching-up work.