Tile profiles & matteing systems

The right setting for your entrance

Tile profiles and mat systems from Proline make wall and floor coverings more attractive.Our tile profiles are guaranteed to suit the taste of your customers. Numerous models are compatible with the entire range of decorative floor coverings. Our matteing systems isolate the covering from the substrate and ensure a reliable bond with the floor covering.

Tiling profiles: protect and decorate coverings

Our tiling profiles protect the edges of floor and wall files you selected and are also genuine "eye-catchers". You can recognize them by the distinct Proline punch holes: our tiling profiles can be reliably fitted in any application. The punch holes in the tiling profiles create an extremely strong bond to the substrate.

Matteing systems: avoid cracks with decoupling mats

Matteing systems from Proline have proven to be excellent at soundproofing. They isolate the substrate from the floor covering and effectively prevent any transfer of stresses. The result: no stresses – no cracks.