PROCOVEdouble cove profile

Decorative concave profile for laying tile coverings on one side

PROCOVEdouble Aluminum

Das PROCOVEdouble concave profile made of aluminum is an attractive well-designed decorative profile with a wide variety of geometries consisting of concave quadrants. It decoratively shapes covering edges and corners in rooms with high design standards. At the same time, it protects covering edges against mechanical influence and damage from light impacts. When supplemented with corner pieces, they create perfectly formed transitions on interior and external corners.

PROCOVEdouble concave profiles are designed to match the coverings to ensure extremely reliable and long-term protection against wear and tear when installed in domestic interiors. The profile is constructed to permit easy and perfect cleaning of the internal corners.

Typical areas of application are, e.g.:

  • For attractively integrating wall and floor surfaces in corners made of tiles, natural and artificial stone, etc.
  • To shape corner joints cleanly and decoratively on tiled kitchen or counter worktops.
  • Important: When fitting accessories, PROCOVEdouble profiles must be mounted with the perforated section on the wall.