Screed and thick-bed profile from Stainless steel

Including profile height adjustment part from XPS

Its patented shape gives the PROCONNEX REM screed and thick-bed profile made of stainless steel outstanding stability. The profile is therefore ideal to produce boundary and shrinkage joints in floors subjected to heavy mechanical loads. A silicon inlay provides the necessary flexibility. This compensates for any stresses occurring in the floor.

The raised profile made of XPS foam permits the variable adjustment of the fitting height from 45 to 80 mm by cutting to size on site.

Further quality features of the screed and thick-bed profile made of stainless steel include:

  • Resistant to chemical attack.
  • Insensitive to water, steam and air humidity.
  • Good processing properties.

The PROCONNEX thick-bed profile made of stainless steel has the following applications:

  • to produce boundary joints in tile and slab coverings in cement screeds produced with the thick-bed process.
  • as shrinkage joint profile for field boundaries on slab, tile and screed floorings produced with the thick-bed process.
  • for field boundaries and shrinkage joints using the vibration floor process.
  • for use in heavy duty indoor applications: hypermarkets and shop buildings, function and festivities rooms, exhibition halls, factories and workplaces, storerooms and warehouses, canteens, restaurants and foyers.
  • for use in industrial premises where floor loading by fork-lift trucks, cars or commercial vehicles fitted with pneumatic tyres is the norm.