PROCONNEX thin-bed profile

Flexible and stress-relieving

Aluminum with silicon inlay
Stainless steel with silicon inlay
Rigid/flexible PVC

Flexibility is called for with movement and expansion joints. Ultimately they are intended to relieve stresses. This type of joint is easy to produce for tile and slab coverings using the PROCONNEX thin-bed profile. In fact the profile from Proline has a flexible joint filler made of elastomer that absorbs horizontal stresses.

The PROCONNEX thin-bed profile is available in the variants aluminum, stainless steel and rigid/flexible PVC.

The profile has many applications:

  • for economic and time-saving use as movement and expansion joint profile.
  • to absorb horizontal stresses in tile and slab coverings.
  • to compensate for tensile, compressive and shear stresses in tile coverings.
  • to produce elegant upmarket expansion joints. by means of boundary joints in the thin-bed process.
  • as expansion joints; for field boundaries in tile coverings in the thin-bed process.
  • for use on light duty floors such as homes, office and sales rooms through to use in the commercial sector.
  • for use indoors and outdoors.