PROCONNEXcorner joint profile

Maximum expansion for all corners and edges

With this new development Proline Systems proves once again its expertise in the profile segment and its commitment to developing high quality tile profiles which offer perfect results as design elements in the decoration of floors and walls – both from technical and visual aspects.

Connections between walls and floorings made of ceramics and natural stone are normally bonded permanently and elastically by injecting sealing compounds such as silicon to achieve a professional, clean joint. But before the sealing compound can be applied, a number of work steps are required on the building site, as specified in the "Recognized rules of sound engineering practice", such as:

  • Clean/prime the adhesive surfaces.
  • Mask the joint edges.
  • Back-fill the joint.

When the preparatory work is complete, the sealing compound is applied and smoothed out. All these time-intensive steps also harbour the risk that primer, sealing compound residue or glide agent may cause
stains on the flooring which has just been laid.

Proline Systems now launches a long awaited solution with the new, intelligent PROCONNEXcorner which has been thoroughly tested by trade professionals. The innovation consists of two aluminum profiles
bevelled at 45% in profile heights of 10, 11, 12.5 and 15 mm. At their vertices, the two profiles surround a silicon inlay which can be produced in 33 attractive colours.