PROCONNEXcurve flexible thin-bed profile

Stress-relieved floors

PROCONNEXcurve is a flexible expansion joint profile to produce aesthetically appealing expansion joints and edges for walls and floorings which are laid with radial separation of various types
of material or finishes.

The flexible profile PROCONNEXcurve is now the answer to the current design trend of joining floors made of different materials or in different colours. The wish for a visibly appealing solution is often expressed in the desire to cut off the floor covering in different shapes, not only right-angled. PROCONNEXcurve permits the design of arcs, circles and segments of a circle with a minimum radius of 100 cm. The profile then provides the necessary expansion joints.

PROCONNEXcurve is generally suitable for popular vinyl, laminate or parquet floorings since the profile is available for covering heights of 3 mm to 15 mm in plain aluminum or V2A stainless steel. The standard colour of the profile insert is concrete gray; depending on the product, there is a choice of 33 attractive colours. The radii for PROCONNEXcurve specified in various laying drawings are simple to produce using the Proline bending device Probend.