Decouples, supports, protects

PROSECURE PE+ is the versatile decoupling and support mat from Proline. It compensates for stresses between the substrate and the floor covering and provides a perfect hold on screeds and floor constructions with poor adhesion. In addition the stud membrane made of polyethylene and special fleece backing protects moisture sensitive substrates from excess mixing water from the grouting mortar.

PROSECURE PE+ displays its strengths in new buildings and refurbishments, covering a wide range of applications:

  • as decoupling, support and protective layer.
  • for tile and slab coverings made of natural stone or artificial stone.
  • in domestic or industrial dry and wet rooms.
  • on cement, anhydrite and magnesite screeds, in-situ concrete surfaces, prefabricated concrete components, double floor or wooden floor constructions.
  • on mixed substrates.
  • on cracked, torsionally rigid surfaces with or without offset heights and on large propagating cracks.
  • on surfaces with low adhesion.
  • to protect supporting substrates from mixing water from grouting or joint mortar.
  • to compensate for or relieve thermal stress states caused by underfloor heating or sunlight on flooring areas heated to different levels.
  • to compensate for or relieve stress states of substrates subject to residual shrinkage (e.g. concrete).
  • to lay tiles and slabs on unheated mastic asphalt screeds.