PRODECOR Q made of stainless steel

The square-edged profile with square face edge.

Square, practical and attractive: the PRODECOR Q square-edged profile is the square alternative to the simple face edge of the standard profile PROFLOOR and the round face edge of PROROUND. It is an outstanding termination profile that meets high requirements for elegance and design.

Excellent for shaping corners or as decorative strips - PRODECOR Q adopts the style of current tile designs. The square face edge permits the decorative design of joints or the appealing visual delimitation of fixed bonded tile coverings. Of course PRODECOR Q provides long-lasting protection to flooring edges.


  • to provide special decorative edge design in rooms with high aesthetic appeal.
  • to protect from mechanical impacts, damage and to terminate external tile edges.
  • to provide a decorative separation of fixed bonded floor coverings such as
    • tiles
    • natural stone
    • parquet
    • laminate
    • carpeting

Rugged profile with square edge

We offer you a rugged and long-lasting variant to our PRODECOR Q square-edged profile with the stainless steel variant. The square face edge helps you set design accents.

Stainless steel offers a number of benefits:

  • depending on the alloy it is resistant to: chemical attack.
  • minor signs of wear can be removed by repolishing or brushing.
  • extremely resistant to mechanical and chemical impacts.

PRODECOR Q made of stainless steel is timeless, elegant, has universal applications and upgrades any tile.

Profile heights
6 mm to 12.5 mm

Profile lengths
250 cm, 300 cm


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