The square-edged profile with wide face edge

Eye-catcher: the highlight of the PRODECOR R square-edged profile is its eight millimetre wide face edge, irrespective of profile height. This extraordinary decorative profile with its high-quality surface finish made of chrome-plated aluminum meets very high demands for elegance and design.

Wide face edge for decorative joint design

Ideally suited to luxury wall design, e.g. as a border: PRODECOR R picks up on the style of current tile designs. The wide face edge permits decorative emphasis on transitions, flooring terminations and field boundaries to a wide variety of materials. Of course PRODECOR R provides long-lasting protection to flooring edges.


  • to provide special decorative design to terminate floorings, shape corners and bordered areas. to provide rooms with high aesthetic appearance.
  • to protect against mechanical impacts and damage and to terminate external tile edges.
  • to provide a decorative termination for various materials, e.g.
    • tiles
    • natural stone
    • wooden panels
    • carpets and wall coverings

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