PROROUND made of stainless steel

Elegant, timeless and extremely rugged

Elegant and timeless, long-lasting and rugged – these are the valuable attributes of the stainless steel variant of PROROUND. Proline offers the round-edged profile in plain, brushed, glossy and high gloss polished variants.

Benefit from the following material properties

  • Resistant to chemical attack.
  • Insensitive to water, steam and air humidity.
  • Good processing properties.

Due to its properties PROROUND made of stainless steel has a variety of applications:

On floors

  • to protect against mechanical impacts, damage and to provide decorative accents on external tile edges.
  • to separate floor coverings such as tiles, natural stone, parquet, laminate and carpeting.
  • to provide a skirting board separation or terminating edge on steps.

On walls

  • as protection and for decorative emphasis on external tile edges.
  • as decorative round termination alternative to angle profile.
  • as stylish timeless design of bathrooms and other interior rooms.
  • to complete a rounded-off harmonious overall picture with matching internal and external corner pieces.