Great for refurbishments

The use of PROFLUX is recommended to refurbish floors with underfloor drains – in bathrooms, cellars or on balconies. The drainage top made of stainless steel and with a mounting frame is simply installed in the existing underfloor cavity. It then compensates for the difference in height between the screed and the new tile flooring.

PROFLUX demonstrates its strengths in a number of different applications:

  • In new buildings as drain grate over underfloor cavities in functional rooms such as cellars, garages or balconies.
  • Renovation component for low floor inlets in walk-in areas at home (not suitable for heavy loads)
  • Renovation component for low floor inlets in rooms with low chemical contamination.
  • Compensating frame between screed and new tile flooring.
  • Integration in outdoor floorings – e.g. on balconies or patios.