PRONIVO K made of aluminum

Flat ramp profile

PRONIVO K external corner piece
PRONIVO K corner connector
PRONIVO K connector

PRONIVO K transition and compensator profiles are designed for applications where accessibility for disabled persons is called for or lightweight objects need to be transported on wheels over flooring edges in commercial environments.

The wedge-shaped face edge of the profile acts there as a flat ramp. Minor differences in height can be surmounted by a wheelchair.

The transition and compensator profile is available in various face widths – 39 mm, 48 mm and 59 mm – in plain aluminum or anodized.

PRONIVO K made of aluminum has a wide range of applications:

  • as flat transition between floor coverings of different types and heights.
  • to protect abutting flooring edges (especially tile edges) against impacts.
  • to create accessibility for disabled persons.
  • for use on light to medium duty floors such as homes, office and sales rooms with light duty vehicular traffic.

Profile heights
10 mm / 12.5 mm / 15 mm

Face widths
39 mm / 48 mm / 59 mm

Profile lengths
300 cm