PRONIVO S made of stainless steel

Creates elegant and rugged transitions

The PRONIVO S transition and compensator profile made of stainless steel with bevelled face edge creates safe and attractive transitions. Due to the rugged material, the profile can be used in bathrooms as threshold between shower and wet area.

Different face widths – 13 mm, 18 mm and 23 mm – permit a wide range of design options. In addition it is also designed to cover transitions of different widths.

The transition and compensator profile is available in glossy or brushed versions.

Benefit from the following material properties

  • Resistant to chemical attack.
  • Insensitive to water, steam and air humidity.
  • Good processing properties.
  • Long-lasting.
  • Rugged.

PRONIVO S made of stainless steel has many applications.

  • to compensate for floor coverings of different types and heights.
  • to avoid tripping hazards – the bevelled face edge of the transition profile forms an angle of approx. 38° and abuts flush with the floor covering with a stop edge of approx. 3 mm high.
  • to protect abutting flooring edges (especially tile edges) from impacts.
  • as threshold between shower and wet area in bathrooms.